We’re on the Box App Store!

Wisdomleaf Technologies is happy to announce that clip2box has been listed on the Box App Store on Dec 21st, 2012. We are proud of our association with Box. We are confident that most of the 14 million Box users (as of Dec 2012) will find clip2box a useful tool in enhancing their productivity on the iPad. clip2box is the only web-clipper app developed exclusively for Box users, by Wisdomleaf Technologies. clip2box is designed to help Box users easily save webclips on-the-go from the web, into Box. clip2box is relevant to all iPad users above 17yrs of age – be it students, researchers or corporate professionals. The increasing number of ‘likes’ on our facebook page and numerous positive reviews are very encouraging.

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clip2box Launched

We are excited to launch clip2box, an iPad app developed by leveraging the best of technology. Copying any webpage and storing it into Box . For the first time , iPad users can browse any page and “clip it” (save it) directly into their box account. We expect this app to be extremely useful for students, researchers and corporate professionals. They will no longer have to worry about storing the content of the web page they like . They can store and access it anywhere using their secure Box account. An amazing feature of this app is that users can save the web page in the original format or as real text. Pictures, images, videos can all be saved in the original format. Users can also switch easily between their browser and their clip2box app using the “bookmarklet” feature.
So go ahead and start clipping !

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Plus and Minus

This blog is to look at both sides of the coin. We’ve written about the advantages and perceived drawbacks of clip2box.

Advantages of clip2box – Using clip2box you can clip text images and video. The clips can then be saved on the cloud (into Box). Box currently provides 5GB to 50GB free storage. There is a huge advantage of saving these clips in Box. User can organize clips into folders and find them easily later. After saving in Box, users can share the clips with friends through email. Users overcome the limitations of carrying external hard disks wherever they go.

Some readers must be wondering if there are any drawbacks to clip2box at all.

Mrs. Anupama Parthasarathy, (CEO and Director of Wisdomleaf), answers this question by pointing out “Users may find that content from dynamically generated web pages cannot be clipped. However, we definitely do not consider this as a drawback of clip2box alone. URLs of dynamically generated pages like directions on google maps or ticket availability on travel sites cannot be saved even without clip2box.”

What do you think are the Plus or Minus points of clip2box? Let us know on Facebook.

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Idea behind clip2box

What do iPad users need?

Students, working professionals, researchers and home makers – all use the iPad to browse online content. It could be anything – information for school work, management tips, recipes or scientific articles. What is missing is an easy and effective way to save online content on the cloud. Users resort to saving urls, writing down details or using hard disks to save information. This means having to carry hard disks everywhere and worry about storage space. The need is to help iPad users with an app to save online content onto the cloud.

Box is a cloud storage provider currently providing 5GB to 50GB free cloud storage space. We believe that cloud storage is the way forward. We wanted to encourage users to save information on their Box accounts. By saving on the cloud, users can access their information any time from any place just by logging into their box accounts. This is how the idea of developing an app to help users embrace cloud storage came into existence.

Simple Analogy

People use scissors to cut/clip information from newspapers or magazines.
Use clip2box for clipping online content. Webclips can then be saved on the cloud in Box.

clip2box is now available on the itunes AppStore.

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Cloud Storage – Way Forward

Many times during my student days I have carried around a pen drive with all my assignments in it and guarded it like it was a block of gold. I knew what losing it would cost me – my grades! Earlier this year with the floods in Taiwan affecting many factories and companies, pen drive costs went up as manufacturing activities in Taiwan drastically reduced – much to the disappointment of students. Since I started working, I’ve seen many managers checking, double checking and re-checking that they have carried the pen drive with the presentation that was required for the conference they were headed to. These days though cloud storage is becoming a popularly used data storage method. Fact that cloud storage is offered free to an extent by companies like Box has helped the concept catch on. There are many advantages to cloud storage. The most obvious one is that it saves one the trouble of carrying data everywhere. Another obvious advantage is being able to access this data from everywhere with a simple login. Because of how easily one can share saved content with friends, categorize saved content and work collaboratively, it wouldn’t be long before cloud storage replaces hard drives like how email replaced hand written letters.

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