Cloud Storage – Way Forward

Many times during my student days I have carried around a pen drive with all my assignments in it and guarded it like it was a block of gold. I knew what losing it would cost me – my grades! Earlier this year with the floods in Taiwan affecting many factories and companies, pen drive costs went up as manufacturing activities in Taiwan drastically reduced – much to the disappointment of students. Since I started working, I’ve seen many managers checking, double checking and re-checking that they have carried the pen drive with the presentation that was required for the conference they were headed to. These days though cloud storage is becoming a popularly used data storage method. Fact that cloud storage is offered free to an extent by companies like Box has helped the concept catch on. There are many advantages to cloud storage. The most obvious one is that it saves one the trouble of carrying data everywhere. Another obvious advantage is being able to access this data from everywhere with a simple login. Because of how easily one can share saved content with friends, categorize saved content and work collaboratively, it wouldn’t be long before cloud storage replaces hard drives like how email replaced hand written letters.

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