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      Contact Us

      Company name: Jiangsu REK High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd

      Address:No. 62 YuLan Avenue ,Economic Development Zone,XuYi,JiangSu Province.

      Tel: 400-600-3788

      Contact person:Manager Wang

      Website: www.clip2box.com


                                 Quality Goal
      To do precaution and maintenance on time, produce smoothly without a mistake.
      Inspection record filled in practically , stable process makes us delighted .
      Materials Inspection according to the standard, the quality of delivery time will be stable.
      The training of personnel is qualified, the quality and delivery time are both fine.
      Dealing complaint promptly,  the delighfulness of customers makes us satisfy.
      Take outdated apparatus back immediately .
      Taking turns to do internal inspection,check and review can avoid trouble.
      Analyzing market research frequently,we can know needs of customers well.
      Participating in management review frequently, executives master it easily.
      Inspecting and testing thoroughly, products will be unhindered without error.
      Inspecting  first article seriously,  process operations is errorless.
      Identifying and isolating  inferior product can  solve  problems .
      Identifying and isolating Substandard products, material return is easy.
      Independent inspection done skillfully, manufacture is unhindered.
      Controlling  special process frequently, process conditions is errorless.
      Regarding  product  quality as our purpose ,customers may be crowd-gathering and enterprise will be prosperous.

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