• Where can I get clip2box?
  • Please purchase clip2box app from the App Store.
  • Who can use clip2box?
  • Anyone with an iPad, above 17 years of age can use clip2box.
  • Is the app available for iPhone users?
  • At the moment, it is not. Please follow us on www.facebook.com/clip2box for updates.
  • What is clip2box useful for?
  • Web content of any format can be clipped and saved into user’s Box account.Watch Demo
  • To whom is clip2box useful?
  • clip2box is useful to anyone who accesses content online – students, researches, corporate professionals and home makers.
  • Where can I find videos about clip2box?
  • There are different videos for students, researchers or anyone else.
    Complete demo video and BookMarklet demo video are also available..
  • Do I need a Box account to use clip2box?
  • Box account is required to save your webclips.
    You can use your existing Box account.
  • Data of what formats can be clipped?
  • Text, images and videos from any website can be clipped.Watch Demo
  • In what format can I save the clipped data?
  • Clipped data can be saved as HTML source format or as plain text. Watch Demo
  • How much data can I clip and save?
  • Data of any size can be clipped. Box allows 5GB free data storage. Check Box for costs of additional storage.
  • Can I clip an entire web page?
  • Yes. Watch Demo
  • Copy vs Clip – What is the difference?
  • Upon selecting content from the webpage, user sees two options – copy and clip.
    The copy functionality is provided by safari. The clip functionality is provided by clip2box.
    Copied content cannot be saved in HTML source format.
    With clip2box, only clipped content can be moved to Box.
  • What is BookMarklet?
  • BookMarklet allows you to clip data while browsing on safari browser. Read more about BookMarklet or Watch video.
  • Can I clip content from any browser?
  • Yes. There are two methods. Using BookMarklet (for safari) or without using BookMarklet (for any browser). Read here for more info.
  • Can I get BookMarklet for other browsers?
  • No. BookMarklet is available only for safari browser..
  • Will clip2box features be upgraded?
  • We want to give you the best experience with clip2box. Leave us a comment on what additional features you would like. Follow us on www.facebook.com/clip2box for updates.
  • Does clipping data posted by others violate copyright laws?
  • During clip2box purchase, while agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, user must agree not to clip data that would violate any copyright laws.
  • Can I save partial image?
  • No. A complete image has to be selected to be saved.
  • Can I save route maps?
  • No. Route maps are usually dynamically generated and cannot be saved. Maps can be saved.
  • Can I clip dynamically generated UI (Ex: Jquery carousel)?
  • No. Dynamically generated UI cannot be clipped.
  • Will I be notified if a file is overwritten?
  • No. Files can get overwritten. There is no alert stating that a file with the same name already exists.
  • If the clipped content has URLs, will it always open the right page?
  • URLs in clipped content can be opened as long as the linked page exists.
    In cases beyond the control of clip2box i.e., if the page has been removed or has expired, then the URL will not point to the linked page.