How It Works

Step by step guide for a hassle free experience with clip2box. Clip it. Box it.

Through clip2box, you can clip useful text, images and video from web pages into your Box account.
Watch a complete demo or short video.

To Begin
  • The first step is to download the clip2box app from App Store. Create your Box account if you don’t already have one.
How to Clip

There are two methods in which data can be clipped depending on which browser you’re using.

  • BookMarklet for Safari Browser:
    If you have the webpage open on Safari browser, you can clip the content using the BookMarklet feature. Read here to find out more. Watch this video
  • Without BookMarklet for Any Browser:
    If the webpage is open on any browser,

    • Copy the URL of the website from which you want to clip data.
    • Launch the clip2box app.
    • The browser within clip2box opens. Paste the url here.
    • With a quick double tap, select the content to be clipped.
How to Save

Once the data has been clipped, user will be prompted to login to Box account.

After successful log-in,

  • Describe the clip – give your clip an appropriate name.
  • Choose a relevant folder to save it in.
  • Save As: Clipped data can be saved as HTML source format or plain text.
Job Done!

Congratulations! Your data clips (text/images/video) have been successfully saved into your Box account.

Box Features

By logging in to your account in Box, share the clips with your friends through email. You can now access your clips any time from any place!

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