Idea behind clip2box

What do iPad users need?

Students, working professionals, researchers and home makers – all use the iPad to browse online content. It could be anything – information for school work, management tips, recipes or scientific articles. What is missing is an easy and effective way to save online content on the cloud. Users resort to saving urls, writing down details or using hard disks to save information. This means having to carry hard disks everywhere and worry about storage space. The need is to help iPad users with an app to save online content onto the cloud.

Box is a cloud storage provider currently providing 5GB to 50GB free cloud storage space. We believe that cloud storage is the way forward. We wanted to encourage users to save information on their Box accounts. By saving on the cloud, users can access their information any time from any place just by logging into their box accounts. This is how the idea of developing an app to help users embrace cloud storage came into existence.

Simple Analogy

People use scissors to cut/clip information from newspapers or magazines.
Use clip2box for clipping online content. Webclips can then be saved on the cloud in Box.

clip2box is now available on the itunes AppStore.

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