Plus and Minus

This blog is to look at both sides of the coin. We’ve written about the advantages and perceived drawbacks of clip2box.

Advantages of clip2box – Using clip2box you can clip text images and video. The clips can then be saved on the cloud (into Box). Box currently provides 5GB to 50GB free storage. There is a huge advantage of saving these clips in Box. User can organize clips into folders and find them easily later. After saving in Box, users can share the clips with friends through email. Users overcome the limitations of carrying external hard disks wherever they go.

Some readers must be wondering if there are any drawbacks to clip2box at all.

Mrs. Anupama Parthasarathy, (CEO and Director of Wisdomleaf), answers this question by pointing out “Users may find that content from dynamically generated web pages cannot be clipped. However, we definitely do not consider this as a drawback of clip2box alone. URLs of dynamically generated pages like directions on google maps or ticket availability on travel sites cannot be saved even without clip2box.”

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